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Competition rules

The competition rules below are valid at FDO's competitions on 2024. In Disco Grand Prix I 2023 competition in November 2023 apply 2024 rules and age limits but 2023 payments.

The new rules for 2025 will be published in October 2024 at the latest. We will inform in our website, the Facebook and in member letter about possible changes the are made in the middle of the competition season.

Every single dancer that participates in FDO's competitions is obligated to read the competition rules in advance. In addition the dancer is obligated by the organization rules and the registration rules.  Please contact the Office for help and advise.

Competition rules 2024, in Finnish

Attachment to the rules: Zero tolerance for harassment, in Finnish

The use of the skating judging system is demonstrated in the Competition rules.
Our former Chairperson Pia Erkko also made a teaching video of the skating system. You can find the video here, in Finnish.

Registration to competitions

Before making the registration to a certain competition, you need to pay the fees through Ostoskori in your own profile (logged in).

After the fees are payed you choose the competition you want to enter and then the serie and fill you all the required information. Music can be downloaded later. Please notice that the registration is successful only when every dancer has his/her fees (Member fee, competition license and competition fee) payed.  NB. Series marked with Open are open also for non-members! You only need to pay the competition licence and the competition fee!

You need to make only one registration per solo, duo, small group or formation. In group series you must provide a team leader that is responsible for the groups contact. He/she must have the membership fee payed. He/she can be one of the group's dancers.

There are foreign judges in FDO's competitions so please notify you title in (also) English.

You can see your own registrations from your own profile's "Registration history" tab when logged in. You are obligated to follow the competition site before the competition and also to check you own category's participants after they are published.

If you have problems downloading the music, try following these instructions to improve the file.

In all problems, please contact the Office, office(at)

Late changes and cancellation rules

FDO can accept new competitors after the registration deadline, if the schedule and the round limit are flexible. The extra fees for the late changes and registrations:

New registration made after deadline

  • Solo 20 €
  • Duo 40 €
  • Small group 100 €
  • Formation / Production 200 €

Changed that are made to the registration after deadline

  • 1-3 changes per dance piece 20 €
  • 4 or more 30 €

Music provided too late and chancing of the music after deadline 20 €.

The competition fee can be refunded against a valid medical certificate or reasonable proof. These must be delivered to the Office no later than two weeks after the competition. Member fee and competition licence are not refundable.

Start numbers

Competition order is drawn after the musics are delivered. The system organizes the competitors in random order.