Contact information

Contact information

The official name change from Suomen Disco- ja Showtanssiyhdistys to Finnish Dance Organization was approved 15.8.2006 . The official abbreviation is FDO ry.

Finnish Dance Organization FDO ry
c/o Suomen Tanssiurheiluliitto ry
Valimotie 10,
00380 Helsinki, FINLAND
Gsm +358 50 433 6465

The visits must be arranged in advance due the access control. Parking lots for the visitors are in front of the main entrance. Parking is too between 6-18 hours. Parking is free on weeknights and on weekends. On the side of Hiomotie the street parking is free. Valimotie 10 is located between Amiedu ja Fujitsu, main door named Sporttitalo. FDO ry is at the 5th floor.

You can deliver personal mail on weekdays between  8-16 to ValimoCenter's check in desk: address Valimotie 13a.

PLease mark the envelope Finnish Dance Organization FDO ry, c/o Suomen Tanssiurheiluliitto ry.

Email: office(at)

Secrtary: Ms. Raija Vuorinen

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