Street Dance

Street Dance department

The most important mission for the street dance section is to raise awareness of different street styles and raise the appreciation of the street culture. Our section works as a link between dance schools and street dancers. Our section strives to develop and forward it’s own genre; the key in all development work is pluralism, respecting the traditions in different styles but most of all being open and curious to everything new and being a forerunner in these matters and also having a constructive attitude against fresh and abnormal visions. Our section builds different cooperation’s between the dance community in Finland and abroad. It also operates as a channel  where people can propose development ideas.

Chairman of the Street Dance Department

Sanaz Hassani, Jyväskylä

Members of the Street Dance Department

Akim Bakhtaoui, Helsinki
Riina Harju, Oulu
Heikki Hautajoki, Helsinki
Ida Jousmäki, Vaasa
Anna Kuulusa, Tampere
Laura Lindstedt, Helsinki

Hip hop

Hip hop includes different dancestyles like African dance, afro-american dance, breakdance, reggaeta, locking, popping, streetdance, capoeira, house, electric boogie, hype, new-jack-swing and jamming. Changes in the rhythm are a very important part of hip hop. Acrobatic moves are allowed.


House is a fusion dance where you combine steps form different dancestyles like jazz, salsa, step, breakdance, capoeira and afro. In this fast-paced dancestyle there’s a lot of fast footwork, but the most important thing is bringing the rhythm of the music in to your body, jacking. House was born together with house music in the end of 1980´s in Chicagos warehouse parties, where the music styles name is also from, but it’s has evolved in to it’s current form in the clubs of New York with the impact of different cultures.

Electric boogie / Popping

Typical movements for Electric boogie is sharp, electric movements that change in to waves, isolations, robot, pantomine elements, popping, locking, animation, electric shock, walking, puppet, ticking etc. In the performance it’s important to create illusions and suprises.


Locking is a funk style where you do linear movements with your arms (points) together with dashing footwork. It’s very important to lock the movements in the ens. Typical moves are the alphas, skeeter rabbit, which a ways, stop and go’s, scooby doo’s, locking hand shake, scoobot, scoobot hop high kick, guitar, running split, layout etc. The dancing should present four elements: body and muscle control, characterization, dancing to the beat and elements and style and grace.


Typical moves for breaking are for example toprock, uprock, footwork (sixstep, threestep, babyswipe etc.), freeze (babyfreeze, rocksteady/chairfreeze, hollowback, scorpion, west coast freeze), powermoves (flare, indmills, headspins, 99's, turtle, cricket, swipes etc.). All kinds of acrobatics must be weld in to these movements.


Voguing is part of the ballroom culture born in the 70’s Harlem, New York gay community. Voguing is characterized by model-like poses integrated with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. In voguing you can find different categories like runway, old way, new way and vogue femme. Voguing has taken impact from the fashion words, Egyptian hieroglyphs and for example martial arts. In vogue femme there are five elements; hand performance, floor performance, the catwalk the duckwalk and spins’n dips.